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You work for N&M Consulting as a product manager. In your role, you take on client projects and determine innovative and efficient ways to meet the clients’ needs. Your supervisor, Chantal Sharpe, has asked you to create a project proposal that uses the design thinking process to develop consumer-focused solutions that deliver a value proposition to the client.

Company Overview

N&M Consulting is a large consulting firm known for its innovative solutions to complex problems that apply design thinking. Clients value the innovative, consumer-focused solutions that the consulting firm provides. While the firm serves all businesses, it is best known for its work in supporting local, national, and international companies to reimagine their businesses.

Company Vision: To be the industry leader in providing innovative, consumer-focused solutions that deliver incremental value and superior results for their clients’ businesses.


Chantal has provided you with a couple of potential projects for your next assignment. You choose one of these projects to develop your project proposal. Each company profile contains information about the company, its project, and its consumers. N&M Consulting attributes its success to keeping unmet customer needs at the core of its design thinking process. Each company has a needs assessment located below its information.

Sunny Value Park (Nonprofit)

You have been hired by the Sunny Valley Park to make recommendations for ways to increase value of the park. The park is located on a large lake. It currently has campgrounds, a beach, canoe rentals, a small playground, and a picnic area. The lake is a popular summer tourist destination, and the town also has a sizable local population whose patronage adds value to the park. Currently, the park generates revenue from overnight campsite rentals and fees for day visitors of the park. The owner of the park, Bill Watson, is seeking a proposal that uses design thinking to increase the value of his business and attract more visitors, especially young adults and families.

Needs Assessment: Your marketing team has conducted a needs assessment that includes information about the primary audience and its needs.

Target Audience

· Young families with children ages 1–5

· Young professionals (with or without children), ages 18–29

Top needs and opportunities based on survey data

· Activities that appeal to young adults, including sports, events, general leisure, and learning opportunities

· Features that cultivate a social experience

Super Shop (For-profit)

The Super Shop, a small local grocery store, has hired you to create a proposal for updating the store to add value to attract more customers and retain its existing customers. A couple of larger grocery store chains have opened in the area, and the Super Shop is struggling to keep up with the competition. The store sells a lot of similar items. It also offers a deli and a bakery. Competing stores offer grocery pick-up, and they have a wider selection of goods in specific areas. The owner feels as though The Super Shop is lacking a specialty, and he thinks that offering something unique will help his store stand out more. The store is located in an ethnically diverse neighborhood with office buildings nearby as well as condos and single-family homes.

Needs Assessment: Your marketing team has conducted a needs assessment that includes information about the primary audience and its needs.

Target Audience

· Professionals (with or without families) who work nearby

· Stay-at-home parents

Top needs and opportunities based and survey data

· Convenience options, potentially including prepared meals and quick service

· Reasonable prices and frequent promotions

· Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables


N&M Consulting prides itself on innovative, out-of-the-box thinking to help its clients solve unmet needs. The company uses a design thinking-based proposal to ensure that all projects have this vision from the start.

· Empathize

· Using the provided needs assessment for the client you choose, determine the consumers’ needs by empathizing with their situation. Include the following in your response:

· Understand and identify the specific human needs that the proposed solution should address, using empathy to make inferences that will shape the solution.

· How did you determine the target audience’s unmet needs?

· Define

· Define the problem, reframing it in a human-centric way and detailing specific issues that impact consumers. Include the following in your response:

· How will addressing this problem better serve the consumer and deliver a value proposition for the business?

· Ideate

· Create several possible consumer-focused solutions to the user’s problem based on consumer needs. Include the following in your response:

· What specific consumer needs are addressed in the solution(s) you proposed?

· How will these ideas address unmet needs?

· Discuss the value proposition as it applies to business strategies. Include the following:

· How does design thinking support value proposition in business settings

· Prototype

· Explain how the design thinking process supports prototyping human-centered solutions to user problems. Include the following in your response:

· Describe your vision for adapting proposed solutions, detailing elements of design thinking that influenced the prototype.

· Explain the use of design thinking at each stage in the proposed solution.

· Test

· Develop strategies to test the proposed solutions for informing stakeholders of what is and is not working well. Include the following in your response:

· What data could be obtained to determine if the solution is successful and how would it be gathered?

· If the solution is not working well, how can testing help to apply lessons learned?

What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Project Proposal You will develop a project proposal that outlines consumer-focused solutions from a design thinking perspective. Your project proposal should be 2–4 pages in length.

Supporting Materials

The following resource may help support your work on the project:

CfA Citation Guide Use this guide to help you cite the sources you use in your project and avoid plagiarism.



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Reading: Frame Innovation: Create New Thinking by Design

Read Chapter 7 (The Three Challenges of Frame Innovation) in this Shapiro Library resource to learn about the challenges of the design thinking process. You’ll read why some processes that place emphasis on the consumer and user are not always used. You’ll learn about the importance of being aware of potential challenges. This will aid you in identifying approaches to business issues using the design thinking process.

As you read this chapter, consider the following questions:

· Why do some organizations resist the design thinking process?

· What are the challenges that organizations face when trying to implement the design thinking process into their routine practices?

· Which of the challenges demonstrated could you deal with at your organization?