You are a policy analyst serving within a not-for-profit organization, Helping Communities Live Better (HCLB), that provides the following services:

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· Low-cost childcare and after-school childcare

· Free or low-cost education on a variety of topics from health and wellness to community resources and national and global issues

· Organizes charity events to collect donations for local homeless and women’s shelters, food pantries, and clothing drives

· The organization also uses solar power in all of its buildings and maintains a community vegetable garden to feed and educate the public.

HCLB is committed to helping the communities it serves by providing education and resources that support families and help them to build better lives. The organization has a number of centers, which are typically located in diverse communities; many offer services to veterans and active military as well as civilian communities. You have been approached by your supervisor, William Duston, to analyze a policy issue of relevance to your organization. The U.S. president-elect has campaigned on many policies that isolate the United States in various ways: advocating stricter immigration policies, withdrawing troops from foreign conflicts, and limiting regulations and incentives for companies to implement green-energy solutions. These are just a few of the campaign promises made, and it’s unclear if the president-elect will follow through—or attempt to follow through—on these promises.

You are charged with creating a PowerPoint presentation that discusses the implications of proposed policy changes for the board of directors. You will select one of  these topics  for your presentation. The board of directors will be interested in the opportunities, challenges, proposed solutions, and potential impacts for the organization. In addition, consider potential stakeholder perspectives on the issue, given that the organization serves diverse communities and political cultures across the United States.

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· Policy issue presentation: In your policy issue presentation, you will present various perspectives on current policy issues and proposed solutions to the board of directors. It is important to view any issue from multiple perspectives in order to obtain a comprehensive and informed view. Your presentation should consider key stakeholders and potential outcomes of proposed solutions. Use speaker notes to elaborate on key issues and points.

· Determine the economic, social, or political implications of this issue. Provide examples to support your claims.

· Identify the chosen policy issue.

· Explain why you chose this policy issue.

· Explain why it is relevant to the organization/why the organization should be aware of it.

· Propose a solution to the identified issue.

· Analyze the perspectives of key players and stakeholders on contemporary issues.

· Identify two or three stakeholders with differing perspectives on the issue.

· Discuss impacts that proposed solutions for the policy issue may have on the identified stakeholders

· Analyze the impact of political and legislative outcomes on key stakeholders.

· If passed, how would the proposed solution to the policy issue impact key stakeholders? Consider political and legislative impacts on elected officials, community members, and other stakeholders.

· Evaluate legislative outcomes based on differences between regional political cultures. Address the following:

· How do political cultures differ from one region (Northeast, South, West, Midwest) to another?

· Discuss the audience for the policy issue, and explain why this policy would benefit the region from a legislative perspective.

· In your speaker notes, consider election outcomes based on differences among regional political cultures for how they impact the policy issue you selected.

· Explain opportunities for and challenges related to the implementation of policy proposals for key issues.

· In the speaker notes, elaborate on opportunities for policy implementation, and explain how these opportunities will support successful implementation.

· What challenges may occur in presenting proposed solutions to the policy issue?

· What solution would best suit the policy proposal by accommodating various stakeholder needs and having a positive impact on society?


What to Submit

Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Policy Issue Presentation Your policy issue presentation should be appropriate for a public audience and should include images and media, as appropriate, to convey your ideas. Use speaker notes to elaborate on key points. Your presentation should be 8–10 slides in length, with speaker notes and a references slide that includes citations in APA format.


Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:

Citation Help Need help citing your sources? Use the CfA Citation Guide and Citation Maker.

How to Design and Deliver an Effective Presentation The presentation creation guide provides tips and best practices to follow when developing a presentation.


A video transcript is available:  Transcript for Bardach—Practical Guide for Policy Analysis . (Ch 14)


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