Discussion information: Each internship course of 8 weeks will conclude with a paper including the latest version of your professional portfolio as you are expected to continually add, improve, amend and edit your portfolio. The use of portfolio documents may be sent to a prospective employer or used in your evaluation for promotion. Using the articles provided in the Internship Course Resources under Supplementary Material in this GAP course identify areas of improvement and/or materials to add to your portfolio. If you do not have a portfolio, this will be a great place to start.  Regardless of whether you think you need a portfolio at this time, it is a great tool/record of what you have achieved in your professional life and it may become an important resource in the future. If you have already started your professional portfolio in another internship class, then identify any additional items that are needed to complete the latest version of your portfolio. If you believe you have completed your portfolio and have no new updates or additions, then you must review the four (4) articles about portfolios in the Internship Course Resources under Supplementary Material in this GAP course and identify elements from the articles that you would add this session.

Discussion Question: CLO 1, CLO 2, CLO 3, CLO 4, CLO 5

  • Outline and describe in the discussion those components that you will be working on in this session to build or improve your professional portfolio and post to the discussion board

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