Capstone Project

After World experienced an unprecedented pandemic, everyone needed to adapt to circumstances. For companies, the best way to adapt was to work remotely. In order to do that they needed to have open channels for communication. Opening channels was easy. The problem was to provide secure channels. As a cyber security student, my proposal will be a focus on protecting the data while opening channels for remote workers.


Note: All Capstone Reports Must Follow This Template

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Capstone Project Paper




Student Name








Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the

[MSIT/MBA/MSCS] Degree Program





University of North America












This section should include a short summary of the issues addressed by the project, the approach used, the lessons learned, and recommendations. This section should be single spaced and not exceed one page in length.





Section 1


1.1 Description of Organization (Template guide: Do not identify the name specific name of your organization)

Clearly and concisely describe the organization that is the focus of your paper. You should use an anonymous name for the organization and describe it as best as possible using at least the following attributes:

1.1.1 Evolution of the organization (history)

1.1.2 Core Functions

1.1.3 Enabling Technologies


1.2 Business Problem

Describe the business problem that is being faced or perceived by the organization you work for or are studying. Identify what parts of the organization are affected by the problem and what benefits might be gained by the resolution of the problem. Do not present solutions here; just describe what the problem is, its affects, and how a solution to it will improve the situation.

1.3 Supporting Research (Template guide: You must include a minimum of 3 sources)

In this section, present information about the extent to which this type of problem affects other companies. Determine whether this is perceived as a larger problem that affects companies providing similar products or services. Use the library or other online resources to determine if anything has been published that describes the problem or offers an understanding of how significant it is beyond the individual company you are investigating. Remember to cite your sources within your narrative and in your reference list!

Section 2



2.1 Organizational Impact

In this section discuss how the overall impact of the problem on this organization.

2.2 Key Stakeholders (Template guide: Identify roles of the organization affected by the problem – do not name the individuals)

In this section, describe the effects of the problem on the employees and/or customers. If there are financial or operational implications, discuss them here. This section may require you to interview someone in the organization that is directly affected by the problem, or someone who has been given responsibility to address the problem.




Section 3





3.1 Potential Solutions (Template guide You may use a table to show how you evaluated your options)

There is usually more than one way to address a problem. However, the results and risks vary with each proposed solution. Investigate possible solutions by using the online library or interviewing people given the responsibility to resolve the problem. Describe as well as possible at least 2-3 different approaches to the problem. Remember to cite the sources of your information both within the narrative and the reference list, including interviews!

In this section, if applicable, you may also describe any previous attempts the organization has made to resolve this problem. Describe the success or failure of these attempts. Analyze why these attempts may have or have not worked. This section may require you to conduct interviews from different perspectives to get a true picture of what went right or wrong.



Section 4





4.1 Recommended Solution

In this section describe the solution you are proposing and the rationale you have from making this recommendation. If there is evidence of this solution being used to solve similar problems that you have found in articles, cite them here. Identify the resources needed to implement this solution (people, technology, financial).

4.2 Implementation Considerations

In this section describe how you think the implementation of solution will benefit the organization. Make sure you describe this in context of business measures (financial gain, employee productivity). If there is evidence from literature where the solution has provided specific benefits to similar organizations or in other contexts cite them here.



Section 5

Contribution from Coursework




5.1 Application of Learning

In this section identify courses within your program of study at UONA that have had a direct impact on your ability to understand the problem and recommend the solution. If there were specific assignments within any course that helped you reach this recommendation, identify them and describe how that learning activity was relevant to this study.

5.2 Significance of Project

In this section describe how you have benefited from conducting this study. Describe any new learning that occurred and how you applied past learning. Discuss whether this experience has helped you focus on a career path, or has opened up any new employment opportunities for you.


5.3 Reflections

In this section, summarize your perspective by reflecting on the capstone experience and describe the lessons you learned during the process.



Section 6





6.1 Conclusions

In this section summarize your project and reflect on the importance of your recommendation with respect to resolving the identified problem. Discuss the implications with respect to the organization, products or services, or clients as a result of implementing the proposed solution.





Klimoski, R., & Palmer, S. (1993). The ADA and the hiring process in organizations. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 45(2), 10 – 36.

Klimoski, R., & Palmer, S. (1993b). The ADA and the hiring process in organizations. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 45(2), 10 – 36.





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